The Six-Figure Job No One Wants

If you’re having trouble finding a job in the U.S., maybe you should look Down Under.

Help Wanted Sign
Help Wanted Sign

One firm has had a six-figure job open for months with no qualified takers.

What is it, one of those “Deadliest Catch” jobs where you have to risk your life? Does it involve raw sewage? Being shot at? Being shot at in a tank of raw sewage on the high seas?

No, it’s much worse: real estate.

A well-established Sydney real-estate firm has been advertising for a sales position for months and it’s not drawing the usual crowd of applicants, the Daily Telegraph reported.

In fact, a principal at the firm said the position, which can pay up to 250,000 Australian dollars(nearly US$200,000), isn’t drawing any qualified applicants.

Really? Is unemployment that low in Australia?

Employment experts said the problem is, it’s a commission-based job and in this economy, people want the stability of a steady salary.

Ay dunno, mate. Six figyas and the chance to frolick with a wallaby on the beach sounds a lot betta than Wal-Maht to me!

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