Ask The Experts: Need Custodian for Self-Directed IRA

Q. I need some help. I want to transfer $100K from my traditional IRA to a self-directed IRA, but amd having trouble finding a custodian. I plan to buy a piece of property and rent it out.

The ony custodians I can find are on the internet. Is there somewhere else I can go? Or is there any way besides BBB to check on the on-line custodians? Thanks for all the great help you give the little guy. -Bernadette

A. Getting any bank to be a custodian of a self-directed IRA is far and few between these days. My suggestion would be to go to a local community bank that you have a relationship with or someone you know has a good relationship with to try to get this done. It's very unique and many banks are not willing to take the risk.

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