Market Tips: Volatile Period Ahead

The banking sector was one of the few sectors in the red Tuesday as investors remained cautious on the health of the system. Experts tell CNBC how to invest during the uncertainty.

Don't Try to Time the Market

Do not try to time the market, warns Peter Elston, chief strategist at Aberdeen Asset Management Asia. He explains why the best approach is to dribble into the markets, in this installment of "Protect your Wealth".

Expect Volatile Period of Consolidation

The worst is behind us, but watch out for a volatile period of consolidation, cautions Kirk West, Asia MD at Principal Global Investors.

Banks Raising Capital Good Sign

It is a good sign when banks raise capital even though they were not required to do so, says Gary Schlossberg senior economist at Wells Capital Management. He tells CNBC it's a sign the financials want to get out of government control.

Cautious on Banks

The recession and a mounting pile of credit losses are reasons why Paul Larson, equities strategist at Morningstar is cautious on financials.

Upbeat on Financials

Greg Bundy, vice chairman of Aims Finance, tells CNBC why he is optimistic about the banking stocks.

The Case for Gold

Tetsuya Yoshii, VP for derivative products at Mizuho Corporate Bank is bullish on gold given China's demand for the precious metal as it diversifies out of U.S. paper and dollar-based assets.

Healthcare & Infrastructure in Line of Fire

Healthcare and infrastructure are the sectors that may come under pressure, says Steve Johnson, managing director of the Intelligent Investor.

HK Will Outperform Singapore

Hong Kong will have a better chance of making it through the next few years, growth-wise, as compared to Singapore, according to TJ Bond, MD & chief Asia economist at Bank of America Securities Merrill Lynch.