Market to Gain in Short Term: Strategist

We’re in a bull rally and the market is going to gain in the short term, said Alan Valdes, vice president at Hillard Lyons.

“I think you can definitely go long here,” Valdes told CNBC. “In general, all the trends are turning. Things are looking good around the world too.”

Meanwhile, Valdes said the rising oil price is the only thing that concerns him.

“When this rally started, [oil] was at $41 a barrel,” he said.
(As of this writing, crude oil is trading at $59.14 on Nymex.)

His favorite sector is commodities, especially sugar.

"Sugar prices have taken off and we have seen a lot of good moves in the commodities overall — and I like that sector the best of all,” he said.


No immediate information was available for Valdes or his firm.


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