Old Yankee Stadium Memorabilia Prices Set

We just got all the prices for the old Yankee Stadium memorabilia sale, which is starting today and is being conducted by the Yankees and Steiner Sports.


Yankee Seat
Source: steinersports.com
Yankee Seat

1 bleacher seat (bench): $399

Your specific bleacher seat: $449

1 seat (chair): $749

Pair of seats: $1,499

Your specific pair of seats: $1,999


Freeze-dried grass: $80

2008 Final Season Crystal w/dirt: $80

Sod package (1' x 1'): $120

Sod package (2' x 2'): $280

Monument Park bricks: $149

There will also be an online auction of items through something called the "Yankee Stadium Legends" auction. About 1,500 pieces will be part of the auction, including the bat rack from the Yankees dugout and various signs. We're told, at this point, the sale will not include the always popular urinals. The auction will conclude July 24.

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