Stock Picker: My Intel, AMD Plays

Intel is hosting a 2-day analyst/investor conference. What can investors expect from the chip maker? Doug Freedman, Broadpoint AmTech senior semiconductor analyst, offered CNBC his outlook for Intel and the industry in general.

(See below for his buy/sell/hold recommendations.)

"We're expecting them to talk quite a bit about what's happening in the marketplace, as mix shift moves lower — as well as the company's ability to maintain its margins there," said Freedman.

"We expect to hear what their expectations are for the IT market and the server market, which is very margin-accreted — and when we can expect that [server market] to come back."

As to the impact of possible antitrust fines imposed by the EU, Freedman has no fear "for a company of Intel's size."

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Instead, he says, "people might focus on what business processes the EU is looking for Intel to change."

And even then, he says, "these changes will be more material to impact AMD," Intel's smaller rival. "Whether the US is going to follow suit" and impose similar process changes "is of more interest to the investor."


Freedman has "Buy" ratings on Intel and AMD .

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