The Pfizer "Viagrat" Backstory


Over the past few monthsI've blogged a couple of timesabout the public service announcement Pfizer produced in the UK to discourage guys from buying and taking counterfeit Viagra.

The spot was apparently shown in British movie theaters during the trailers and commercials that captive audiences have to sit through before a flick. It also took on a viral life of its own on the web. It's like nothing I've ever seen out of big pharma. A guy regurgitates a rat.

This morning "Pharmaguy,"one of the people I follow on Twitter, sent out a tweet (a message) with a link to what I'm calling "The Making of the Pfizer Viagrat Story." Think of it as a can't-take-your-eyes-off-of-it DVD extra.

I raised this question in my first blog about the spot, but I wonder what the reaction would be from American audiences if it were shown in theaters here. I'm guessing it would generate a chorus of audible groans, maybe an email protest, but it would definitely get people talking (just as long as they don't do it during the movie.)

Would Pfizer be so bold? Or is this something that caters exclusively to British "tastes"?

I say go for it. It certainly beats the loud, obnoxious or boring commercials movie-theater early birds like me (I want to get the best seats) have to sit through now.

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