CNBC Viewers Remember Bill Seidman

Here, CNBC viewers share their memories of CNBC Chief Commentator and Former FDIC Chairman Bill Seidman who died Wednesday after a brief illness at the age of 88. Thank you very much for sending us your memories and stories of Bill.

A true loss. He was always a voice of reason and knowledge. A gentleman who respected the views of others, but clearly articulated his own. He is missed.

— Kris Coryell, Chicago, Illinois

Bill Seidman
Bill Seidman

I worked for the FDIC's Division of Resolutions in the early 90's while Bill Seidman was head of the FDIC. He had the insight to very quickly create new regulatory divisions and groups to cut through bureaucracy and take on problems that could have quickly manifested would they had been left to a more entrenched bureaucratic governmental structure. Not hard to stand behind a man who had a vision to fix difficult problems and attract the best government and private employees to execute that vision to the end. We need more Bill Seidmans to lead us through the storms of today.

— Barry W Smith, New York, NY

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Seidman and his delightful wife on several business conferences. All of the admiration and heartfelt praise previously expressed by the CNBC employees is certainly accurate and I doubt there is another person on this planet who could evoke a similar response. Indeed, he was the ultimate gentleman and a scholar!

— John Crommelin, Atlanta, Ga

Shed more than a few tears for a man I just came to know recently through appearances on CNBC. I wish I had more time to listen to him. I so need to hear his voice again!! He touched me deeply and I don't really understand how it happened.

— Troy, Texas

Bill Seidman. We've lost one of the good ones. In this day and age when a man or women of integrity passes you innately feel it. Today is one of those days. Bill, you will be missed. Thank you for being you.

— Stephen Tracy, San Rafael

Bill Seidman visited Japan several years ago to advise on its economic troubles. I was fortunate to join him at a lunch hosted by the American Consul General, where he took several top Japanese businessmen through his experiences and explained what worked for the RTC. A model of clarity and credibility—and a great guy.

—Norman Solberg, Osaka, Japan

Your commitment to study at Dartmouth and Harvard, to your Wife Sally and your kids, grandchildren and even great-grand children, to public service, to the country you will always love and adhering to the principals as God wants us to be compassionate, to concern yourself with friends and neighbors....Your wit, your astute foresight as to how to handle the bankers and your willingness to stand tall all depicted the giant of a man you were to so, so many.... There is no doubt you passed the test of Life in your steady hand at the helm!

—Christopher Tingus, Harwich, MA

There is NOBODY like him today in public service. Bill had no ego despite his intelligence and tremendous service to our country. No matter how successful or busy he was he always made time and room for everyone. This is a huge loss.
Denise Oorbeek, Alexandria, Va.

It is sad to hear of Bill Seidman's passing. His intelligence will be greatly missed. We need all the brain power we can get to guide us out of this financial crisis the country is in.
Anny Myrick, Greensboro, N.C.

I trusted Bill Seidman.
Robert Gardemal, Orange County, Calif.

I am sad to hear about Bill Seidman passing away. The viewers around the world are missing an experienced economist who helped to overcome many financial calamities caused by irresponsible managers .From distant Germany my condolences to his family.
Tefikow Mehmet, Magdeburg, Germany

Always looked forward to Bill Seidman session on CNBC. Very informative. Never took anyone's side. Just gave the facts in a easy to understand way. Will miss Mr William Seidman, a true legend.
Michael Nomura, Kailua, Hawaii

A very big and heartfelt loss. There are only a handful of commentators that I stop and turn up the volume for. Bill Seidmam was one of those people. I always had a lot of respect for his opinions and he was such a nice guy. I will miss him.
Rachel Raines, Miami

I had the honor of meeting Mr. Seidman many years ago while working on "the Street." Over the many years, he exceeded character that set the standard and was unsurpassed. He was a dedicated American who will be missed by all who had the privilege of knowing and hearing him.
Robert Shuster, Boca Raton, Fla.

Just as political junkies have learned to get along without their "Tim Russert" fix, reluctantly the financial community will have to press on and navigate this historic time without one BRIGHT beacon of straight talk and well-thought suggestions and solutions. We will miss you Bill.
J.D., Oklahoma City

Whenever I met Bill Seidman, I always walked away saying to myself ... "What a gracious man".
I am sincerely saddened to learn of his passing and send his family my condolences. There aren't many people in any walk of life who almost immediately illicit a great degree of respect, as did Bill Seidman.
Brenda Bramwell Norman, New York

As a 23-year veteran of FDIC and RTC, I can honestly say that he was the most respected and highly thought of Chairman the FDIC has ever had. He was a strong supporter of bank examiners in the field and to this day my colleagues still reference him as "the best Chairman FDIC ever had."
Ian Kemp, Jacksonville, Fla.

Bill Seidman was a walking advertisement for people of accomplishment to continue working well into what others consider "retirement". His exuberance for weighing in on the challenges of the day was unique for someone who had spent so long "at the top". Integrity and a down-to-earth attitude gave him the rare ability to connect with economists and working people alike. His institutional memory of economic downturns past gave him a credibility enjoyed by few others. Bill will be sorely missed during a time when we need more like him.
Bob Hynes, Norwell, Mass.

I always looked forward to Bill Seidman's commentary. He was a class act. His passing makes me sad. I can't think of anyone who could begin to fill the void he left.
Mary Ellen Baker, Wilmington, N.C.

While sad, you've gotta smile for a guy that elicits so many positive reflections from so many. What a great role model! Mr. Seidman was one of the few guests that prompted me to take the TV off mute and listen to what he had to say. Thankfully he lived a full, productive life and passed without having to endure a long painful illness. My condolences to his family.
Scott C. Parrott, Costa Mesa, Calif.

Mr. Seidman never showed panic in his manner or voice. He was comforting during the darkest days of this current financial mess.
Richard A. Evensen, Boise, Idaho

I always stopped to listen to Bill. He never shouted anyone down, but always had something to say. I will miss him.
Kyn Kendall, Reston, Va.

What a loss. I would adjust my busy schedule whenever I heard he was to appear on CNBC to make sure I didn't miss his candid, expert opinion. Never met the man...wished I had.
Mike Fuchs, Hastings, Minn.

Bill Seidman was one of the most credible guest on CNBC who I always enjoyed listening to for his informed perspective. May he rest in peace.
Steve Stronge, Newburyport, Mass.

He's a Albuquerque neighbor. I respected his common sense, knowledge and understanding of the markets. He will be dearly missed. May God bless him.
Michael Seeliger, Albuquerque, N.M.

They don't make men like Mr. Seidman anymore!! He will surely be missed, however, never forgotten.
Joe Bianco, Evanston, Ill.

Bill seemed like a kindly grandfather, the type of person you would enjoy conversation with. I would run to the TV if Bill was speaking, because he was worth listening to and was such a nice guy. I will miss him.
John Meyer, Orlando, Fla.

Mr Seidman was always welcome in my home, via TV, like an old friend. I would always stop what I was doing to listen to his report. I felt as through he was talking directly to me. In his way of explaining his views in layman terms always made me feel that I was more intelligent then I am. If this country had more people like Mr. Seidman looking out for us by doing what is right we would not be in the trouble that we are today. I will miss seeing him, and I would have loved to have met him.
Richard Thomas, Phoenix, Arizona

I loved to listen to the Q and A with Bill Seidman on CNBC and I often wished that he had his own show. When Mr Seidman came on, I made everyone be quiet so that I could listen to him!!
Jeff Genoa, Mandeville, La.

I always stopped and paid close attention when Bill Seidman spoke on CNBC, because I knew I would learn something. For someone with his education and experience to explain economic principles in a way that anyone could understand, made him that much more special.
Kevin Carpinello, New York

Last fall I emailed Bill Seidman with a questions about the derivatives market, never actually expecting to hear from him. A week later my phone rang and a voice said, "Hi, this is Bill". When I realized that it truly was Bill Seidman I was astounded; that he took almost 45 minutes of his valuable time to answer my questions was even more astounding. The fact that his predictions have come to pass it not a surprise to me; that he took time to call a viewer and share his insights speaks volumes about the man himself. His passing is truly a loss to everyone.
Stephen Glover, Nathrop, Colo.