Web Extra: Spring Tech Cleaning

New York Times personal technology columnist David Pogue answers common tech questions:

#1. Should I buy LCD or plasma?

They're essentially the same, Pogue says. The issues like burn-in and motion blur have been worked out over the years. Generally, buy plasma if you're going to watch TV mostly in dark rooms and LCD for bright rooms.

#2. What cell phone carrier should I use?

It all depends on which carrier has the best coverage of where you plan on using your phone the most. All major carriers have maps, some down to the street address, you can judge the coverage differences that way. According to Pogue, Verizon is far and away the best network with the fewest dropped calls.

#3. Should I get an iPhone?

Do you want one? The phone itself is not particularly good, Pogue says, but the other stuff - from the terrific web browser to the millions of 'apps' you have access to - might make it worth it. Also ask yourself if you can deal with the AT&T network and if you can get used to typing on a touchscreen.