Gun Stocks Rally: NRA and 'Babes with Bullets' Convene

Firearms sales are soaring as the National Rifle Association convention commences Friday in Phoenix, Ariz.

Jeff Reh, general counsel for Beretta USA (the American arm of Italy-based gunmaker Beretta International), told CNBC that his firm saw sales climb 66 percent in the first quarter — roughly beginning with the inauguration of Pres. Barack Obama.

"We're still seeing an unremitted level of increased orders on the handgun side and on the rifle side," Reh said.

And the stockpiling seems to be rippling out into related sales for equippers like Cabela's , famed for its range of sporting, camping and hunting goods.

"We are seeing a lot of first-time Cabela's customers," said Randy Moeller, marketing manager for the outdoorsmen's company. "Probably for a number of reasons."

Margaret Brennan reports from the NRA gathering. Watch the video for her take on the business, including a growing female customer base — and a marketing group called "Babes with Bullets TV."

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