Stock Strategy Now: Bull vs. Bear Picks

Jason Pride at Haverford Investments, and Barry James of James Advantage Funds shared their outlook for the economy. (See below for their stock recommendations.)

“The economy is starting to get some good under-footing to it,” Pride told CNBC.

Pride said consumers are starting to "show signs of life" and leading indicators are moving toward a positive direction, which will eventually lead to normal levels in valuations.

“All you have to do is have a marginal rebound from here,” he said. “You don’t have to have a back to the ‘everything is grand and fine’ situation. We just need a small reversal of what we’ve been going through.”

James disagreed, saying he doesn’t necessarily “see the green shoots blooming into the summer.”

“What we’ve got is a consumer who is deleveraging themselves and saving,” said James. “They’re not going to come out of the woods anytime soon.”

Despite their different outlooks, Pride and James each had stock recommendations for investors.


Pride Likes:


Wells Fargo

Walt Disney

James Likes:

AmTrust Financial Services


Century Tel

James Dislikes:

S&P Energy


No immediate information was available for Pride, James or their respective companies.

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