Trash for Cash?

Cramer hasn’t recommended any accidental high-yielders for a while now. He has been too focused on the two-month rally we’ve enjoyed. But last week’s sell-off made Waste Management too attractive to ignore.

These accidental high-yielders are stocks that wouldn’t normally offer a sizable dividend yield, but now do because the market knocked down the share price. Most often, these are broken stocks, not broken companies, that have been hurt by indiscriminate selling. So investors can trust that the payouts will be met. Also, this is a great way to make some money while waiting for stocks to restart their move higher.

Waste Management is up a healthy 10% since Cramer’s March 18 call, and he said there is still plenty of upside left. WMI’s 4.2% dividend yield will pay investors to wait until that happens. But watch the video for Cramer’s full report on why Waste Management is a buy. And find out how to get in on the next scheduled payout.

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