"Tippy Toe In", Pick Up Quality Beta

With Asian markets locking in sharp gains Tuesday to hit a seven-month high, is it too late to be jumping into the markets? An expert appearing on CNBC Asia Pacific's Protect Your Wealth said investors should start to "tippy toe in" on dips and look to quality beta stocks.

"What we're advising people to do obviously is to come in -- tippy toe in bit by bit -- buying in the dips," said Lucinda Chan, divisional director, Macquarie Private Wealth. "You need to be positioned...get on board, at least start buying into those little areas before it runs off."

Chan identified the consumer and housing sectors as the ones to lead the market through a rally, but cautioned that volatility will continue to persist for a little while to come.

She was very positive about the longer term outlook, saying now is the right time to pick up quality beta stocks.

"Pick up the quality stocks -- those with very strong balance sheets in particular," Chan advised. "Taking a bit of an extra beater on your portfolio in itself would also provide you the opportunities."

In terms of cyclicals, Chan favors the likes of finance-related stocks, like the Australian Stock Exchange. She also named BHP Billiton as a keeper. For the more stable holdings, look to the consumer end like Woolworths and some healthcare stocks that have room to run like CSL, she said.

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