More IPOs Coming in 2009: Venture Capitalists

Lise Buyer of Class V Group and Kate Mitchell of Scale Venture Partners agreed that there will be more venture-backed IPOs in the coming months.

“I think we’ll certainly see more and more in the coming months but let’s not pretend that we’re going to rush back to the glory days,” Buyer told CNBC.

“Investors wisely have been taking incremental risk. And IPOs are riskier than traditional and more proven companies. We’ll see more trickle out as the year runs on.”

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“While we’ve lagged in [IPO] volume, we’ve led in performance,” said Mitchell.

Mitchell said she sees more capital being used to continue to grow smaller companies until the market is ready to accept them.

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“The pace of innovation is still quite high in Silicon Valley and entrepreneurs are finding it a very interesting time to build in many cases,” she said.


No immediate information was available for Mitchell or Buyer.

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