Pillowtalk Is A Victim Of The New Economy

I thought that blogging from Hawaii while I was on vacation was bad. Ok, it was. But a new survey from UK firm Credant Technologiesreveals that one in four city workers surveyed in London work on their laptops IN BED for at least two hours a week.

That's almost half an hour per weeknight!

Some admit to working up to six hours a week from bed.

This is one way to solve overpopulation. Is this just a British thing? I think not.

Making matters worse, eight percent of those surveyed by Credant say they spend more time on their cell phones and Blackberries in the evening than they spend talking to their partners. Maybe they're talking to their partners ON the cell phone?

Of more critical concern may be the unintended risks these workaholics pose to their companies. Nearly half of them admit they have confidential business information on their laptops, and more than half admit there's no adequate protection of that data. Hence the cartoon here, illustrating their vulnerability, as "a fifth of people are not using a secure wireless network as they busily tap away under their duvets."

Brits working Cartoon
Source: Credant
Brits working Cartoon

Finally, when the workers were asked, "What is the last thing you do before going to sleep?", 96 percent said they kiss their partners goodnight (I guess they only surveyed people with partners?). The other four percent, most of whom are male, finish work or check emails before turning out the light. Will there really "always be an England"? Not if this keeps up!

Credant suggests several ways to safeguard the data on laptops, but it also suggests, "use your bedroom for what it's designed for."

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