The New Chick Magnet: A Healthcare Plan

Got a job? That's nice. New car? Good for you. But all the bling in the world may not make you as attractive to a potential mate as...a healthcare plan.

At least that's according to this hilarious video created by Runawaybox, which NPR calls "Health Benefits as Booty Call" (thanks to Mike Huckmanfor shooting this my way).

In the video, a very sexy singer tells her man, "I don't care about your diamond rings, I don't need none of those fancy things. If you really wanna be my man, boy, you gotta put me on your healthcare plan."

She promises to let him "be the boss, just prove to me that you've got Anthem, Kaiser, or Blue Cross".

The man appears interested ("My pre-existing condition is I'm in love with you"), and insists he can get her nearly anything--dental, full optometry, "How about podiatry?" You can cut the sexual energy in this video with a single co-pay surgical knife.

....This gives new meaning to "friends with benefits!"

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