Market Tips: Look Out for Looming Correction

Global stocks were higher Wednesday but trade was cautious as investors question the longevity of the recent rally. Experts tell CNBC that a market correction is due and how to prepare for it.

Watch Out for Correction

The rally is heading toward danger as a correction is inevitable once the market gets too far ahead of economic realities, says Michael Yoshikami, president and chief investment strategist at YCMNET Advisors.

Risk Appetite Improves

Risk appetite is improving even though U.S. equities did not see a big move, says Kathy Lien, director of currency research, GFT.

Investor Spring Cleaning - A CNBC Special Report
Investor Spring Cleaning - A CNBC Special Report

Buy Rumors, Sell Facts

Buy the rumor, sell the fact, when it comes to energy markets says Jonathan Barratt, managing director, Commodity Broking Services. He speaks to CNBC about the sentiment of oil demand.

Rising Oil Prices May Kill Recovery

If oil goes up another $10-20, that could take the tailwinds out of a recovery from all the stimulus money that is being pumped back into the system, says Michael Yoshikami, president & chief investment strategist, YCMNET Advisors.

Cash In on Soft Commodities

Akhi Kamkolkar, head of futures at Halifax Investments & Kingsley Jones, portfolio manager at Macquarie Funds Management Group reveal to CNBC how they are cashing in on soft commodities.

Is the Worst Behind Us?

The worst in terms of the speed of contraction is in the past, but Paul Mortimer Lee, global head of market economics at BNP Paribas warns CNBC that the economy is still contracting, and at a more rapid pace when compared to the last few quarters.

Is It Safe to Invest in China?

China's rally is not fundamentally driven but liquidity driven, and Jerry Lou, China strategist of Morgan Stanley warns that this will quickly turn into boom and bust scenario.

Going Long on Hong Kong

Robert Howe, CEO of Geomatrix is very bullish on the Hong Kong market. He explains why he is long on the stock there.