New Features in Our Quote Look Ups

The editors and reporters here were doing a few "huzzahs!" this morning. That's because part of their job got easier. But, their self-interest aside, it should make things easier for you too.

Go to our stock quote box. Start typing in a ticker symbol or a company name, even an index ... and it will start offering you choices as you type. Pretty neat if you can't quite remember a ticker. And you'll get London listings too!

Easier lookups and info on another major market ... great for readers! And multi-quotes thrown in too! You can get full details on the new features here.

I'm especially enthused about the London quotes. Being early morning oriented, I tend to like an early read on markets. This feature helps with that.

Of course, for writers here who constantly get tricky tickers wrong (JAVA for Sun Micro and LUV for Southwest Airlines, for example), this helps keep the managing editor off their back.