Lottery Winners Lose

Last night, the Los Angeles Clipperswon the NBA Draft Lottery. And they’re flaunting it today by virtually drafting Blake Griffin and using his image on their home page to help sell tickets. By the way, we don’t think they have the right to do that because it's not likely that Griffin has signed any official NBA paperwork yet.

Griffin, the unanimous Player of The Year from the University of Oklahoma, might help sell a couple seats – not as much as Greg Oden did for the Trail Blazers, but more than what Andrea Bargnani did for Toronto.

After that, it has likely been a pretty quiet day at NBA ticket offices throughout the country, where a draft position alone isn't worth much.

“This is the most lackluster draft in at least the last 10 years,” said Bill Sutton, president of Bill Sutton & Associates, a sports marketing and revenue enhancement firm that counts the Phoenix Suns, the Orlando Magicand the New York Knicksas clients.

“The only real stories to sell people on are Griffin and Ricky Rubio, but he’s kind of a mystery,” Sutton said. “Then you have Brandon Jennings. But I was over in Italy and they weren’t even buzzing about him over there.”

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