Buy US Markets and This US Bank: Stock Pickers

Jim Iuorio at TJM Institutional Services, and Larry Hatheway of UBS Investment Research weighed in on the best places to invest now.


Hathaway Likes:



“Overall, we like the U.S. market,” Hatheway told CNBC. “Buy the U.S. market and [stocks] tilting toward things that are semi-cyclical.”

Corporate & Government Bonds

Iuorio Likes:

JPMorgan —[The company] is not going to fail,” said Iuorio. “They already have the blessing of the U.S. government and they’re probably going to make money in this environment.”

Southwest Energy —“Now that crude prices are creeping up again, I’m looking at the drillers,” he said of the company.


No immediate information was available for Hathaway or Iuorio.


Top Drilling Companies:

Contango Oil & Gas

Chesapeake Energy

Parker Drilling Company