Large AND Small Cap Stock Picks

Charles Bath of Diamond Hill Investment Group and Glenn Fogle of American Century Investment told investors their best investment strategies.

“We’re more confident about the economic progress outside the U.S. than we are inside the U.S.,” Fogle told CNBC at the Morningstar Investment Conference. “[But] we are not going to make any long-term bets that it’s going to continue until we see things getting better.”

Despite the uncertainty, he said there are opportunities to buy companies where earnings are temporarily depressed, as they will most likely come back strong.

Fogle and Bath both advised investors to be cautious about inflation risks.

“If you take a long-term perspective, inflation is something you have to be concerned about right now,” said Bath.

Bath said that in the long term, he expects consumers to be heavily leveraged and to have different buying habits than in the past.

While Fogle recommended smaller-cap stocks, Bath suggested looking into large caps.


Bath Likes:

Proctor & Gamble



Fogle Likes:


Jeffries Group



No immediate information was available for Bath or Fogle.