Is Howard The Next Great Endorser?

Dwight Howard
Photo by: Keith Allison
Dwight Howard

Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard has big endorsement deals with Adidas, T-Mobile, Warner Brothers , McDonald's

and Vitaminwater , but should the NBA Finals go in Orlando's favor, Howard might be the next big marketing icon.

An E-Poll Market Research poll released exclusively to reflects that, for some attributes, Howard is already comparable to Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

Results of the company's E-Score Celebrity Poll reflect that a representative sample of the US general population believes that Howard is currently as appealing as Michael Jordan, more appealing than LeBron James and has "more energy" than his finals opponent Kobe Bryant.

Howard's main challenge might just be getting more attention, which obviously will be helped by the fact that he's playing on the sport's greatest stage. It's Howard's fifth year in the league, but only 10 percent of the general population know who he is, according to the poll.

That's compared to 36 percent awareness of James, 63 percent of Bryant and 84 percent of Jordan.

More awareness and a greater platform might also help Howard boost how influential the population thinks he is. Eight percent called Howard "influential" as compared to Kobe's 20 percent, LeBron's 28 percent and Jordan's 37 percent.

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