Pros Say: 15 to 20% Correction on the Way

The good times can't last forever without reality stepping in and dampening sentiment, but the recent rally from the March 9 low has been a long, strong one. Unfortunately, experts tell CNBC a correction is coming.

Expect a 15-20% Correction

Expect a 15-20% correction in the stock market going into summer, predicts Christoffer Moltke-Leth, head of sales trading, Asia Pacific at Saxo Capital Markets. He tells CNBC why investors have no reason to rush into stocks.

Markets Poised for Disappointment

Markets are too optimistic and could be headed for disappointment, as recent manufacturing indicators from China and U.S., while improving, are still in contraction stage, says Philippe d'Arvisnet, global chief economist at BNP Paribas.

Rally Can Carry on Another 10-15%

"There is still some recovery left in this rally," Andy Hartwill from Quasar said Tuesday. "The rally that we've seen since the lows in early March is all about repricing and lowering the price of risk. It's not yet about discounting the future prospects for growth."

Stock Surge Could Continue

Monday’s sharp stock-market surge could continue higher, but only for the short term, David Karsbol from Saxo Bank told CNBC.

Invest in China, India & Singapore

Sani Hamid, director of wealth management at Financial Alliance, believes markets have bottomed and inflation will rear its head again. He shares his investment ideas on CNBC Asia's "Protect Your Wealth".

HSI Could Hit 20,000 Points Soon

The Hang Seng Index could hit 20,000 points in the near term, says Castor Pang, strategist at Sun Hung Kai. He tells CNBC what is driving the market higher.

Euro-Dollar to Hit 1.55 by End-2009

Thomas Harr, senior forex strategist at Standard Chartered, says the key to currency markets is global growth expectations and that is bearish for the dollar. He tells CNBC that he favors currencies of emerging markets with strong fundamentals.

More Upside for Sterling

John Kyriakopoulos, head of currency strategy at National Australia Bank, sees more upside for the sterling.

Soft Commodities Due for Correction

The rise in soft commodities is not based on fundamentals, so watch out for a correction in the short term, warns Matthew Pearce, chief grains analyst at

Commodities Space Looking "Frothy"

The commodities space, from the large to small caps, is looking a bit "frothy", says Kevin Curran, head of dealing at Foster Stockbroking.