Mom Guilts Sons Into Robbing People to Pay Bills

While Wall Street is pontificating the proverbial recovery, it’s still pretty bad out there for the average American.

How bad is it?

Cynthia White Roberson
Cynthia White Roberson

It’s so bad that a recently unemployed mom in Phoenix allegedly guilted her sons into robbing people, while she drove the getaway car, to help pay the bills.

And you think it’s not fair you have to clean up your room? Pfffff.

In all, Cynthia Roberson, who is divorced, her two sons, ages 12 and 14, and five other recruits, ages 14 to 20, committed 20 robberies, the AP reported.

The boys did the robbing but police believe she was the ringleader. In one instance, she coached a 14-year old because he was having trouble stealing a cellphone.

With the abundance of Great Depression and 1930s references we’ve had lately, this is one you probably didn’t expect: A return to “Ma Barker”-style family gang robberies.

It evokes a hand-cranked black-and-white film, where the feisty old “ma” hits her bone-headed sons on the back of the head before the cops come, and — cue the cops-and-robbers piano-chase music.

Only, this is 2009, and this mom-led gang of robbers was mostly stealing iPods and cellphones from teenagers. One victim told police he was sitting on the street corner eating tater tots when they beat and robbed him. Another was beaten but the only thing in his pocket was an orange lollipop.

As if it’s not bad enough that she forced her boys into stealing, she turned on them when under police questioning, the AP reported, saying she noticed them doing gang-style imitation robberies from her car.

The 12-year old is in the custody of Child Protective Services, while the 16-year old is in a juvenile jail.

Is anyone else getting nervous here that moms are starting to crack under the pressure of this recession? First the gambling and drugs— and now this.

Moms, please. Listen to us: Crime isn’t the answer!

And kids, be strong. Resist peer pressure at school and that nagging call from the bottom of the stairs — to join a gang!

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