Cramer: This Is a Bull Market

Apparently, no positive data point, no sector turn, no change in circumstance of any kind is enough to change naysayers’ minds. The move we have enjoyed since early March is nothing more than a temporary pop in an otherwise terrible market.

Cramer disagrees, however. He has been bullish since Dow 6,500. He called the bottom at that level, he was right, and anyone who took his advice has made money. He also urged investors to at least partially cash out when the Dow was near 11,000, and he did so again at 10,000. Those who listened spared themselves losses up to 40%.

Here's the takeaway: Viewers, investors, 401(k) holders, 529-plan contributors – everyone needs to block out the noise. This rally is real. If we suffer a pullback, which is possible, it will be a sell-off in a bull market, not validation of the bears. So don’t worry, Cramer said. We're headed higher.

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