Tweak Your Portfolio to Counter Inflation

Talk of inflation has resurfaced as a recent stream of economic data, from the U.S. to Asia, gave hope that a global recovery might be in the horizon. Sani Hamid, director of wealth management at Financial Alliance, is one who believes investors should brace for the eventual return of rising consumer prices.

“We think the market has bottomed and in the coming months we will see more and more positive economic news coming out. But with that you're going to see inflation coming back into the picture,” he said on CNBC Asia’s Protect Your Wealth.

To counter the effects of inflation, he favored buying into commodities to ensure “at the very least you have things like gold or commodities or resources in your portfolio to take care of that risk.”

Commodities from oil to copper have been on the ascent, with gold prices rising to within shot of a record high $1,030 on the back of a declining dollar and future inflation concerns.

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"I think over the long run, if you do see U.S. dollar weakening, there's more potential with China actually shifting much more of their reserves into gold and that’s positive for gold,” he said.

Sani also recommended long-term investors to beef up their investments in Asia now, in particular India, China and Singapore. While there were concerns that a market like China has advanced significantly, he felt there was room for further gains.

"If you use the denominator from the previous high, the peak, China's only moved up some 20 percent from the low and it's still a bargain, it's still a steal at this point," he said. "These are countries with fundamentals which we believe in five to 10 years will warrant a much higher level compared to (current levels)," he said.

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