Mad Mail: Who’s the Worst CEO?

Jim: I think I have a great candidate for the Wall of Shame in George Economou. Under Economou, DryShips is down from over $120 to $5 after he massively over-leveraged himself buying Ocean Rig at the height of the oil bubble and diluted his stock about five times over. He is also quoted as calling all American investors, which includes all Mad Money viewers, stupid. I don't care if you destroy what is left of my DRYS position by outing this guy because justice needs to be served. Go get him Cramer! --Jeff

Cramer says: “That’s a pretty good bill of particulars…we will bring this man to justice.”


Hey Jim: Here's my Wall of Shame nomination: the CEO of the once great Eastman Kodak , Antonio Perez…In six years he has destroyed the Kodak brand, fleeced the retirees, and destroyed company morale. George Eastman would be ashamed of what his company has become. You would be hard pressed to find a more deserving CEO for the wall. Thanks for letting me vent. --Charles

Cramer says: “I think they’ve tried everything. They tried to develop new products, printers. But you know what? The record is what it is…well, it’s not exactly a reason to buy the stock.”


Hey Jim: Hands down Lewis Campbell of Textron should be added to the Wall of Shame. He took over a once a thriving company and ran the stock into the toilet from an all time high of $98 to a low of $3. His European pump company acquisition strategy was a total bust. He also relies on Bell and Cessna to carry the entire load. --Brian

Cramer says: “Actually, I think it was his financial division that brought him down. But…let’s say that wasn’t too good either.”

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