It IS a Bull Market — Here's What to Buy: Experts

Take advantage of the recent market gains, said Sean Clark, chief investment officer of Clark Capital Management, and Michael Yoshikami, president and chief investment strategist of YCMNET Advisors. (See their investment recommendations, below.)

“It is a bull market — we’ve been saying that this is a cyclical bull market within an overall secular bear,” Clark told CNBC.

“There’s a lot of positive to look at: risk is beginning to come back into the market, and we’re beginning to see the money that used to be on the sideline slowly filter back into the market.”

Clark said investors should be buying into the dips because he expects the markets to trade higher into the summer and into early fall.

“We’re still on an uptrend,” agreed Yoshikami. “The market has seen its lows and continues to show evidence, including unemployment numbers, that things are stabilizing and recovery is around the corner.”

Yoshikami advised investors to follow the reflation, inflation and infrastructure trade path.


Clark Likes:

Fixed Income—Especially corporate junk bonds

Emerging Markets—"The emerging markets are the economic engines of the future. As such, those are the primary benefactors of the improving economic landscape," said Clark.

iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index

Commodities—“We’re focused and drilled in on the China demand theme. We own commodities and we like commodities. We own oil, heating oil, copper, agriculture, silver,” he said. Clark said gold also looks attractive.

Yoshikami Likes:

Nvidia—"They have a great partnership with Apple ," Yoshikami said of the firm. "Although PCs are struggling right now, eventually you’re going to see that return and this company is well-positioned to take position of that bounce back."

Commodities— "They need to be part of the portfolio strategy," he said. "It’s still time to position for inflation considering the amount of lubrication we have floating around the whole world in terms of the stimulus package."

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Clark's firm owns commodities: oil, heating oil, copper, agriculture, silver, as listed above. No immediate information was available for Yoshikami or his firm.