Bulls vs. Bears: Where to Invest Now

Douglas Roberts, founder and chief investment strategist at ChannelCapitalResearch.com, and Mike Williams, founder and managing partner at Genesis Asset Management, shared their opposing market views — and advised investors on where they should put their money. (See their recommendations, below.)

“Right now, everyone is assuming some kind of ‘V-shape’ recovery, but I’m assuming something different,” Roberts told CNBC.

Roberts said there are still a lot of underlying problems in the financial system that won’t be solved quickly.

Williams, on the other hand, thinks the economy is in a recovery stage.

“During the summer, we might chop around a little bit, but any significant setbacks we see in the summer months are going to be an opportunity in the long-term,” said Williams.

He said this market is a “significant value” for long-term investors.


Roberts Likes:

- S&P Technology

- S&P Health Care

Roberts Dislikes:

- S&P Financials

- S&P 1500 Homebuilders

Different Angles:


Williams Likes:

- S&P Technology

- S&P Energy

- S&P Materials

Williams Dislikes:

- S&P Household

- 2-Yr Treasury Note

- 5-Yr Treasury Note

- 10-Yr Treasury Note


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