Pros Say: Bull Market Back by August

Stocks opened lower on Monday as the dollar and U.S. Treasury yields soared on last week's hopeful jobs data, which prompted speculation that the Federal Reserve may raise rates at its next meeting. Read and listen to what the experts had to say…

Bull Market Back by August

Stocks will trade sideways or lower over the next 1 to 2 months — but the next leg of the bull market will return by August, said Bob Parker of Credit Suisse. With further good signs of economic recovery, “we will see 10-year Treasurys close to 4 percent in the near term,” he said.

Crude at $100 By Year-End

Things are getting less bad and we’re moving toward a world economic recovery—that will be the story of 2010, said Allen Sinai of Decision Economics. He expects crude oil to rise to $100 by year-end on Asia’s economic robust recovery.


Dollar To Continue Upward Rise

Based on global economic data, the U.S. dollar should continue strengthening this weekcompared to many of the major currencies, says Licia Kok of United Overseas Bank Group.

Rally Could Break Bear Market

James Barty of Arrowgrass Capital Partners said this will probably be the rally that “breaks the back of the bear market,”but it won’t bring a strong economic recovery because of “enormous amounts” of economic headwinds.

Banks Shouldn’t Rush to Return TARP

Carl Levinson, former senior executive of Citigroup, said it is too premature for banks to start returning the TARP money and there is nothing wrong with waiting another one or two quarters. "I think the first-quarter earnings were overstated through trading profits,” he said.

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