ETF Picks: South Africa, Brazil & More…

Peter Kenny, managing director at Knight Equities, and Charles Campbell, senior sales trader at Miller Tabak, weighed in on the best places to invest now.


Kenny Likes:

iShares MSCI South Africa Index— An “ETF that speaks to the robust and developing middle class of South Africa," Kenny told CNBC. "South Africa has the most well developed financial infrastructure of any country on the continent — not to mention the largest GDP."

"This particular ETF has 30 percent of its components based in materials but 25 percent of the components of this ETF are in the financial services area…25 in telecommunication and energy…and 15 percent in consumer durables and staples.”

Claymore/MAC Global Solar Energy—"It’s a global play—the demand is global, it’s growing and becoming increasingly more efficient every day," he said.

Campbell Likes:

Brazil—"They just cut their rates by 100 basis points to 9 1/4 — they expected to cut 75," said Campbell. "They’re a self-sufficient energy consumer—they can provide for their own energy needs…And their household income is generally stable."

Campbell said he prefers Market Vectors Brazil Small-Cap ETF over iShares MSCI Brazil Index


No immediate information was available for Kenny or Campbell.