Market 360: The Week's Best & Worst

On a week where oil topped $73 per barrel for the first time in 8 months before receding on Friday, treasury auctions moved the equity market, and GM and Citi were replaced in the Dow, the markets are flat to positive on the week, but the Dow manages to go positive year-to-date.

  • Since March 9th lows, the S&P is up 39.86%, the Dow is up 34.40%, and the NASDAQ is up 46.52%
  • All the major US indexes are positive YTD, NASDAQ 100 is up 23% YTD, the NASDAQ Composite is up 17.87% YTD and at new highs for 2009, the Russell is up 5.48% YTD, the S&P 500 is up 4.76% YTD, and the Dow is up 0.26% YTD

Index Impact:

  • Chevron (CVX) had the most positive impact on the Dow, up almost 5% for the week
    • YTD, American Express (AXP) is the top Dow performer by % gain, up almost 36% YTD
    • 15 Dow components are positive YTD: AXP, IBM, CSCO, BA, MSFT, JPM, INTC, DIS, KO, DD, AA, MMM, HD, UTX, HPQ
  • McDonald's (MCD) had the most negative impact on the Dow, down almost 3% the week
    • YTD, Pfizer (PFE) is the worst Dow performer by % loss, down almost 17% YTD
  • Bank of America (BAC) had the most positive impact on the S&P, up almost 16% for the week
    • YTD, the top S&P performer by % gain is XL Capital (XL) up over 214% YTD
  • Apple (AAPL) had the most negative impact on the S&P and NASDAQ 100, down over 5% for the week
    • YTD, Eastman Kodak (EK) is the worst S&P performer by % gain down over 55% YTD
  • Microsoft (MSFT) had the most positive impact on the NASDAQ 100, up over 5% for the week
    • YTD, the top NASDAQ 100 performer by % gain is Sun Microsystems (JAVA), up over 143% YTD
  • YTD, the worst NASDAQ 100 performer by % loss is Cephalon (CEPH) down almost 27% YTD

S&P Sectors: 6 out of 10 S&P sectors were positive for the week led by Utilities up about 4% for the week. Consumer Staples was the most negative sector, down about 1% for the week.

  • Utilities were helped by Dynegy (DYN) up over 9% for the week
  • Consumer Staples were hurt by Kroger (KR) down over 5% for the week
  • YTD 4 out of 10 sectors are positive led by Tech up over 25% YTD.

Commodities, Currencies, and World Markets


  • Oil settles at $72.04 per barrel after crossing $73 per barrel earlier in the week.
  • Gas Prices: The AAA current national average for regular gas is $2.639 per gallon down 35% from a year ago when the average was $4.060 per gallon
  • The highest recorded average price by AAA was on 7/17/2008, when the national average was $4.114 per gallon

Currencies: The US dollar rebounds Friday against the euro on weak eurozone data, and also strengthens against the yen and pound sterling as the markets look towards G8.

Global Index Performance led by Asia and Latin America:

Note:Data based on preliminary numbers. May adjust slightly due to settling at close.

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