Nike Responds To Socks Crisis, And Other Emails

I told you we were contacting Nike about the ingenious idea of creating anatomically correct socksspecifically shaped for right or left feet. GENIUS!

Nike's Derek Kent wrote back that the company has been selling the socks since 2004. No, you cannot buy extras for only one foot, which means that if you lose the right sock in the dryer, you're SOL as they say in the Navy. Kent would not disclose specific sales data for the anatomical socks, but says, "We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from consumers. Left/right specific fit contributes to a great fit along with the strategic use of spandex and stretch nylon socks for various sports." See how complex socks can be?

Reader Lou G.'s take on the story: "Previously, those of us with one leg were able to get twice as much wear out of a pair of socks than the average sock buyer. Nike's marketing department now wants us uni-leggers to buy socks twice as often." (note from Jane: AND THROW HALF OF THEM AWAY!)

I got several emails about the Texas entrepreneurs selling bailout checksat the Bank of Obama

Rich M.: "Shouldn't the bank be named Bush Gramm, after the two idiots that got us into this mess?"

Geoff P. liked the statement I made about the bank "founder" who wished he could get a bailout to help start his business: "…'he's not a failure, only failures get help.' No truer statement can be made about the state of this country right now. Brilliant commentary."

Steven D. didn't find it so brilliant: "Are these Texan (expletive) serious, because all the bailouts and stimulus began under the sorry a** hick known as George W. Bush. This should be renamed The Bank of W..."

Steve H: "Bank of Obama..........BOO. Scared you, didn't it? Your darn right it scares me!"

Daniel M. wrote in from Hawaii about the hard core house flipperwho's getting back in: "I have been doing virtually the same thing on Maui since 1998, but I stopped in 2004 not because I am a genius like Phyllis, but because I got priced out of the market on even the low-end, tear-downs by then. However, I am starting to see the $100k- $150k properties emerge and I am officially 'Back-In' on the purchase of a $155K, 4-bedroom short sale last week. I have never seen a more clear and easy money making opportunity in my life than today's foreclosure market..."

H.R. was surprised that United scored so lowin the blog about's ratings of airlines: "Could United's poor showing in employee surveys have anything to do with with their seemingly failed attempt at profit sharing and employee ownership?"

Hanna S. took issue with a remark I made in a blog about Governor Schwarzenegger'sdesire to eliminate many state boards, like the Court Reporters Board: "Yes, there is a court reporters board in California, as I must be licensed to create a verbatim transcript with no bias to either parties, and the board makes sure we do everything by the Code in protection of the consumer. The record is an integral part of our justice system -- maybe silent and unglamorous -- but certainly important. My theory is Arnold is just picking on a mostly-all-women group that is very small because it is safe to point fingers at. But the thing is, the board is completely self-funded; so by cutting it, the state won't save a dime..."

Dan Swensen, the winner of the caption contestfor the best new meaning of Perseverance ("The Courage to Ignore the Obvious Wisdom of Turning Back") wrote me when I expressed incredulity that he actually came from a town called Manifesto, Montana: "There's no such place as Manifesto, Montana. It was a joke I put in my Twitter profile that I didn't think anyone would take seriously, much less that Despair would put in their blog. I'm actually from Missoula, a very nice college town. That will teach me to put facetious locations in my profile."

With all my blogging about pork and swine flu, Jim A. wrote about a new bar drink he saw called "Swine Flu Shots": "Not sure what was in it. I would make one with that Bacon Flavored Vodka from Seattle mixed with some Agave or Tequila. I am slow...only learned during my mis-spent middle age, if you think a shot is a good idea, it is time to go home."

Finally, Barbara C. is too late to enter the "Name That Boar" contest, but I liked her after-the-deadline suggestion: Madoff ("because he has huge b----").

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