Apple Stops Promising Friday iPhone Pre-Order Delivery

Apple has stopped taking iPhone 3GS pre-order reservations with promised delivery for Friday, June 19 at apple.comso the company can make sure it has enough inventory at its 211 US retail stores as well as other partners including AT&T and Best Buy outlets.

Customers who pre-ordered before today will get their phones on Friday as promised, but iPhones ordered today will arrive after June 19, according to the company.

"We are thrilled by the customer response to the iPhone 3GS which will be available at all 211 US Apple Retail Stores as well as AT&T, Best Buy and Walmart stores," company spokesman Steve Dowling tells me.

New iPhone 3GS
Source: Apple
New iPhone 3GS

It also will be available in 8 countries, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Canada, Italy and Spain.

The company's pre-order system guaranteed Friday delivery prior today, but seeing as it's already Wednesday, it stands to reason that Apple probably doesn't want to spend the money FedExing these phones to customers to make that Friday deadline. Those pesky overnight charges can really eat into your margins, you know?

Anyhow, with so much speculation about inventory and availability, Apple is denying that there are shortages of the new device. Customers still have the option to go into a store on Friday and buy the phone there. Stores open at 7am, and Dowling says there should be plenty of the new phones available at many retail outlets nationwide.

Customers who order the phones online at apple.comtoday can get an estimated delivery date when they complete their purchase.

All of this could mean lines again at Apple stores Friday. Should be interesting.

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