Mad Mail: McDonald’s or Wendy’s?

Booyah big guy: What's up with all the McDonald's hype lately? My own upper Midwest, cross-sector polling of adults (24 men in a golf league), young men (son's baseball team, ages 12-15), and small circle of friends (married couples 35-45) find roughly almost a 3-to-1 preference for Wendy's over McDonald's although there is a preference for MCD fries. Must be their size and their fries, eh? --Elks

Cramer says: “Your sample is what I call anecdotal, despite the fact that you think it’s empirical. The overwhelming worldwide demand for McDonald’s far exceeds the demand for Wendy’s. I have looked at Wendy’s over and over again to try to recommend it on the show, and I just can’t. It is too expensive and it doesn’t have the momentum. And it’s not as well run as McDonald’s…”


Booyah Cramer: Thanks for making it easier to understand the market. You talked about the strength of the smartphone revolution. What effect will this have on Amdocs , who provides billing and customer-relationship-management services for the biggest carriers like Sprint Nextel, AT&T, Verizon and abroad like Vodafone and China Mobile? --Denise

Cramer says: “It’s a great question. I happen to think that there is a back-office problem, that they need Amdocs. But…I think it’s wrong to play with it….Don’t fool around with Amdocs. You buy [Apple] ” for a play on smartphones.

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