Buy These Next Market Rally Leaders: Stock Pickers

Investors who rode the latest rally with companies that had weak balance sheets and beaten down share prices are now considering a shift back to more quality, sustainable names.

Analysts Peter Sorrentino, senior portfolio manager of Huntington Asset Advisors and Steven Neimeth, portfolio manager of AIG SunAmerica Asset Management told investors where they think the next leaders of the rally will be.

“Right now, you want to shift down in market capitalization,” Sorrentino told CNBC. “Stick with [companies that have] very strong balance sheets – companies that can control their own destinies.”

Sorrentino said multi-national companies are going to have a tough time in the U.S. and also internationally.

“Go domestic, small, and if you’re going international, get there fast because those prices are lower than ours right now,” he advised.

Neimeth said consumer staples have been over-owned earlier this year and are now lagging.

“[These stocks are] boring as heck, but they’re going to hold off in a market that could trade off in the near term due to concerns about growth…and they’re very inexpensive too,” he said.

Sorrentino Likes:


Emerson Electric

Spectra Energy

Neimeth Likes:




Philip Morris International

Marathon Oil


Neimeth and/or his firm owns stocks from CMCSA, PEP, MRO.

Sorrentino and/or his firm owns stocks from ORCL, EMR, SE.