Market Tips: Pullback Coming for Oil, Gold

Global stocks were lower Thursday but oil and gold futures rose. Despite this, experts told CNBC a period of consolidation is coming for the two commodities.

Pullback in Oil, Gold Expected

Ray Barros, CEO of Ray Barros Trading Group, explains why he expects prices of oil, and even gold, to pull back.

Oil Can't Hold On to Bullish Momentum

The oil market is having trouble maintaining a bull move through the $73-75 range, notes John DiPlacido, oil trader & president at Energex.

Interpreting the Oil Inventories

Azlin Ahmad, Editor at Argus Media, tells CNBC why she thinks the crude inventory report from the U.S. was mildly bullish.

Reduce Cash, Increase Stocks

Eiichi Oikawa, MD at Daiwa SB Investments explains why he is reducing his cash holdings and increasing those in stocks. He tells CNBC why he is upbeat on the oil & gas, coal mining and palm oil stocks in South-east Asia.

Don't Worry, It's Just a Consolidation Phase

David Halliday, associate director at Macquarie Private Wealth believes this is just a consolidation phase before the stock market moves again to the upside.

Helping Credit Agencies Regain Credibility

Ratings agencies coming under regulation may not be a bad thing, as it could help them regain credibility, says Marvin Pickholz, former SEC prosecutor & former Director of Enforcement for the SEC.

Credit Ratings Don't Hold Water

Do not let the ratings agencies determine your investment choices, says Karl Eggerss, chief trader at, after S&P's move to cut its credit ratings on 18 U.S. banks led the sector lower.

Obama's Financial Reforms Will Hurt

Obama's financial reforms will ultimately hurt a lot of companies, says Karl Eggerss, chief trader at He also reveals how one can trade the financial overhaul.

Obama's Proposed Reforms Need Improvement

There are still some holes to be plugged with Obama's proposed financials reforms, remarks Marvin Pickholz, partner at Duane Morris.