Market 360: The Week's Best & Worst

On a week where the US markets continued to stall with all major indexes negative for the week with quadruple witching, bank regulation, a sell off in energy, the markets await the Fed meeting next week closing mixed for the day on Friday.

  • Since March 9th lows, the S&P is up 36.17%, the Dow is up 30.44%, and the NASDAQ is up 44.05%
  • The Dow has moved back into negative territory YTD by 2.7%

Index Impact:

  • Microsoft (MSFT) had the most positive impact on the Dow, S&P & NASDAQ 100 up over 3% for the week
    • YTD, American Express (AXP) is the top Dow performer by % gain, up almost 33% YTD
    • 13 Dow components are positive YTD: AXP, IBM, MSFT, CSCO, BA, JPM, INTC, KO, HPQ, DIS, MMM, HD, UTX
    • YTD, the top S&P performer by % gain is XL Capital (XL) up almost 204% YTD
    • YTD, the top NASDAQ 100 performer by % gain is Sun Microsystems (JAVA), up over 140% YTD
  • Chevron (CVX) had the most negative impact on the Dow, down over 6% the week
    • YTD, General Electric (GE) is the worst Dow performer by % loss, down over 25% YTD
    • General Electric (GE) had the most negative impact on the S&P, down over 10% for the week
    • YTD, Marshall & Ilsley (MI) is the worst S&P performer by % gain down over 62% YTD
  • Research in Motion (RIMM) had the most negative impact on the NASDAQ 100, down over 12% for the week
    • YTD, the worst NASDAQ 100 performer by % loss is FLIR Systems (FLIR) down over 25% YTD

S&P Sectors: 9 out of 10 S&P sectors were negative for the week led by Energy down 6.5% for the week. Health Care was the only positive sector, up over 2% for the week.

  • Energy was hurt by Massey Energy (MEE) down almost 20% for the week
  • Health Care was helped by Cigna (CI) up almost 21% for the week
  • YTD 3 out of 10 sectors are positive led by Tech up almost 24% YTD

Commodities, Currencies, and World Markets


  • Oil settles at $69.55 per barrel at the first signs that gasoline futures may have topped on expanding supplies, though prices at the pump may not fall immediately

  • Gas Prices: The AAA current national average for regular gas is $2.690 per gallon down 33.96% from a year ago when the average was $4.073 per gallon

  • The highest recorded average price by AAA was on 7/17/2008, when the national average was $4.114 per gallon

Currencies: The US dollar loses ground against the yen and pound sterling for the week, though it gains ground against the euro on increased risk appetite. The FOREX market is cautious before the Fed meeting next week.

Global Index Performance led by Asia and Latin America:

Note:Data based on preliminary numbers. May adjust slightly due to settling at close.

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