Bad Year For NBA Draft Pick Shoe Deals

In April, we told you that no NBA draft pick would sign a shoe endorsement deal worth more than $1 million a year. That top number, we’re told is now down to $750,000, as there’s little evidence that any shoe company has begun substantive negotiations with any prospective draft pick from this year’s class.

All is quiet from Nike , who famously agreed to pay LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony a combined $108 million in 2003. Last year, Nike signed the kid who was once termed “The Next LeBron James,” O.J. Mayo, for $400,000 a year.

Adidas, which spent money on Derrick Rose and Michael Beasley last year, also has nothing to announce. Either does the new player in the game, Under Armour, which signed Brandon Jennings last year before he went off to Italy.

This leaves agents and players with a choice that top draft picks have never really had. They can sign for any money they can get now or they can have confidence in their ability and sign a deal when they have some stats to add leverage to the game.

The point guards -- Stephen Curry and Johnny Flynn -- are favored to get the most money, but the dollars they receive could depend on what cities they play in.

Update: Ricky Rubio already has a Nike deal that he signed in Spain.

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