Who Is Rose Boy? The $5,000 Question

They may be taking Kodachrome away, but not romance.

Eastman Kodak is offering $5,000 to the person who can identify “Rose Boy”, the teenager inadvertently snubbed while trying to deliver a yellow rose to Megan Fox. The starlet is reportedly upset that she missed the young man’s attempts to hand her a flower during the hubbub of premiere night in London for the new “Transformers” film.

“Although this thoughtful gesture fell victim to ‘the wrong place at the wrong time’,” the firm’s press release says, “Eastman Kodak Company believes that fate has other plans for this idealist young lad.” The company is urging Rose Boy to “come forward and identify himself so that the company can help arrange a real rose exchange.” Kodak promises to pay for travel expenses for the boy and his family, and even buy him a new rose to give Fox.

I’m assuming Fox is game for all of this. Also, if the kid turns himself in, does HE get the $5k? It’s also not clear that Kodak had anything to do with the now somewhat-famous photo. So why fork over the reward? (*cough* publicity *cough*) Because the picture let us…share the moment. “It’s amazing how just a photograph can connect and change the lives of two complete strangers,” says the company. Change the boy’s life, certainly. Change Megan Fox’s life? Not so much.

Megan Fox and Rose Boy
Will Alexander/WENN
Megan Fox and Rose Boy

If you know this boy, the money is yours by emailing yellowroseboy@gmail.com

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