Seven Clean Energy Stock Trades: Strategists

President Obama is standing behind the clean energy bill that makes its way to the house at the end of the week. So how can you make money on clean energy stocks? Vince Farrell, CIO of Soleil Securities and Kevin Landis, CIO and portfolio manager of Firsthand Capital Management recommended the following picks:

Farrell Recommends:

Exelon —“[They have the] largest nuclear powered facility in the United States and clean energy is going to lend itself to that being used more,” Farrell told CNBC.

Wisconsin Energy —“Wisconsin has already mandated that 10 percent of energy output be non-traditional by 2015. They are on their second wind-power plant already and are starting biomass,” he said.

Goldman Sachs —Look to some of the banks that are trading energy stocks, advised Farrell.

First Solar —“Solar stocks are so in the news today,” said Farrell. “It would not be my first pick, but if you latch onto that one, you’re going to have some wild ride—be prepared for a real rollercoaster. I prefer the backdoor plays of a couple utilities.”

Landis Recommends:


Landis also said First Solar is going to be “a very volatile stock in the next couple of days,” and advised investors to consider the following companies instead:


Suntech Power



No immediate information was available for Landis or Farrell.

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