Fake Bernie Weighs In On Real Madoff's Sentence

Bernard L. Madoff
Bernard L. Madoff

Bernard Madoff's attorney this week told the judge that a 12-year sentencewould be appropriate for the man who destroyed the livelihoods of so many. Madoff faces a maximum sentence of 150 years.

"Fake Bernie" wants you to have a say.

His blog, which spoofs the Ponzi King, is holding a contest letting readers vote on the appropriate sentence.

You can either vote at the blogor directly here.

Fake Bernie eagerly awaits Real Bernie's sentencing, which will happen "if not on Monday, then sometime soon. And sooner than SIPC can be expected to pay out most of the claims."

Just to make things Madoff-ish, there's even a little money involved. Sort of. If you pay into the blog's "tip box", you may qualify for "real payouts".

FB writes: "So, now you're asking yourself 'Is this for real??' 'Is this legal?' And, for all of you guys and gals logging in every day from government-owned offices...I'm sure you're asking yourself 'Can I play too??' This is open to all 'Alpha-types', including government employees whose initials start with IRS, DOJ, or any other acronym. BUT..SEC staffers must first provide an affidavit that you weren't provided any inside information from Judge Chin's office."

Apparently the prize isn't money. It's even better. Chocolate. This way, Fake Bernie says, winners won't be "subject to a clawback".

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