Pros Say: Economy Bounce Coming In Next Few Months

Barclays Capital released a report in March for the third quarter saying there are 'green shoots' in the US economy. Larry Kantor, head of research at Barclays Capital told CNBC the reasons behind the thinking.

"We believe there's a big business cycle going on here with inventory and we'll see a big bounce in the US in the next few months," said Kantor. "And that upside growth surprise will keep this recovery going."

When it comes to investing, Kantor says:

"I like the commodities and the industrials, in emerging markets and places like China really hungry for those kinds of products, It may be time to move into areas like the industrials."

And as for financials, Kantor says:

"We like them, but we like the debt better than the equities. There's still a lot of bank losses to go but it's a great earnings environment, There's no way the US government is going to let another disaster happen. So I think to buy into debt is a pretty good way to go there."


No immediate information was available Kantor.

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