Big Ideas, Tough Challenges

Big ideas are underway here in Aspen, Colorado.

The Aspen Institute is kicking off its week-long "Aspen Ideas Festival" The event - now in its fifth year - has become a place to explore ideas and come up solutions to fix the toughest challenges of the day. The economy will take center stage as Washingtonians are high in attendance this year.

Maria will host the Closing Bellshow live here in Aspen today and tomorrow. We will have a who's who to tackle all subjects across the board.


At 4.15PM ET today, expect some important read-throughs on the banking sector when Maria talks with former Wachovia CEO Bob Steel. Mr. Steel also worked for the Treasury Department.

President Obama’s economic plan will be ‘in focus’ when Maria talks with Obama’s Economic Adviser Austan Goolsbee, Former McCain 2008 Economic Adviser Douglas Holtz-Eakin and WSJ Economics Editor David Wessel. They will participate in a plenary session called "Mending America's Financial System".

Maria Bartiromo will also interview the Aspen Institute's President and CEO Walter Isaacson about "What's Next for the News Business.”

Be sure to watch Closing Bellbetween 3-5PM ET for our special coverage from the Aspen Ideas Festival.



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