The Dow Down, But Not Out

Bob Pisani is off today, this post was written by Danielle Kennedy

The Dow Industrialsbroke a 3-month winning streak, with a monthly loss of 0.63% in June.

The 3-month winning streak was the longest for the Dow since Aug.-Oct. 2007. However, the other indices continued on to a four-month rally. For the S&P 500, up 0.02% in June, this marks the longest streak since June 2006-January 2007 (8 Months). For the Nasdaq, up a more substantial 3.42%, it’s the longest streak since August 2006-November 2006 (4 Months). And for the Russell 2000, up 1.34%, it’s the longest winning streak since August 2006-January 2007 (6 Months).

The Dow Industrials, Dow Transports, Dow Utilities, S&P 500, Nasdaq Composite, Russell 2000 have posted a gain for the second quarter of 2009.

A streak of 6 consecutive quarterly declines has been snapped for the Dow Industrials and S&P 500. This had been their longest quarterly losing streak since 1969-1970. Also, a streak of 3 consecutive quarterly declines has been snapped for the Dow Transports, Dow Utilities, Nasdaq Composite, and Russell 2000. This had been the longest quarterly losing streak for the Dow Transports since 2000, the Dow Utilities since 2001, and Nasdaq Composite since 2002.

Index: Percent Change Best Quarter since

S&P 500 +15.2 Q4 1998


DOW TRANSPORTS +20.5 Q1 1991

Nasdaq Composite +20.1 Q2 2003

Russell 2000 +20.2 Q2 2003



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