Warren Buffett Down, S&P Up, As First Half Buzzer Sounds

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway is losing to the benchmark S&P 500 stock index as the first half of the year comes to a close.

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Class A shares of Berkshire are down 6.8 percent over the last six months, while the S&P is up 1.8 percent, excluding dividends.

There's still a lot of time left in the game, but if the S&P does outperform Berkshire over all of 2009 it will break a three-year winning streak for Buffett & Co. Despite big losses all around in 2008, Berkshire's 31.8 percent drop still managed to beat the S&P's 38.5 percent fall.

Current Berkshire stock prices:


Class A:

Class B:

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