Companies Behind Murray Have a Lot To Gain

Andy Murray
Andy Murray

Andy Murray fever is alive and well here in London and if he becomes the first Brit to win Wimbledon since Fred Perrydid it in 1936, the companies that endorse him could have a lot to gain.

The biggest potential actually lies with the Fred Perry brand, which can be found on Murray'sshirt and wristband. The brand made its debut at Wimbledon in 1952 and a win by Murray could allow the hometown brand to fend off Nike and Adidas. Only problem is that Murray, for some reason, wears Nikes. Fred Perry made a mistake by not getting its laurel logo on Murray's feet.

But the Fred Perry deal might not even be the most interesting Murray sponsorship. The tennis star is also sponsored by the Royal Bank of Scotland . The bank, now mostly owned by the British government, got lambasted in the press here for spending $500,000 on luxury accommodations at this year's Wimbledon. But no one bashed them for spending money on buying a sleeve on Murray's shirt. It should be interesting, should Murray win, how much advertising RBS participates in given the environment.

Highland Spring, a bottled water brand from Scotland, where Murray is from, has its logo affixed to Murray's other sleeve. The brand is already the leading bottled water brand in the UK, but a Murray win could only strengthen the brand.

The best value so far though goes to chain Pizza Express, which doesn't even have an endorsement deal with Murray. One chain opened up one of its shops at 11 at night here after Murray won his quarterfinals match to make an $8 margherita pizza he specially requested. The press today was calling that pizza his "Secret Weapon" after Murray publicly thanked the company.

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