Google to Take Ad Know-How to TV, Mobile Phones: CEO

Google will to stick to its core business and continue developing technologies to monetize search, CEO Eric Schmidt told CNBC on Wednesday.

Specifically, the company plans to expand its advertising expertise to television and mobile phones, which will serve as "primary drivers" of revenue over the next few years, Schmidt said.

"Advertising that has value to the person is advertising that is valuable to business," Schmidt said. "We want every ad to be personal and directed at you ... so that you don't just ignore them like we normally ignore ads."

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While he couldn't talk specifically about Google's business, Schmidt said he's confident the recession is starting to ease and that the economy will recover in 2010.

"There's a general sense that the worst is behind us," he said. "This is a long and deep recession, [but] recessions do end."

Speaking on the role of Google played in the Iran elections, Schmidt said it's a "great source of pride" to be able to inform people about oppression that exists in the world.

"The government tried to suppress it... but it couldn't be suppressed, Schmidt said. "And that's a great testament to the Internet."