Jackson's Mom Asks to Manage Son's Estate

Katherine Jackson urged the court to let her stay in charge of her son's estate—a request she was denied—as her attorneys filed papers saying, "these circumstances are anything but ordinary."

"Little more than a week has passed since Mr. Jackson's death, and he has yet to be buried," reads the filing.

"Many questions remain about his final days." The filing then mentions the two co-executors from the 2002 will who have been named special administrators for the estate through at least August 3rd. "There is serious concern that Messrs. Branca and/or McClain may have real and/or potential conflicts of interest which may preclude their appointment as special administrators." It did not specify the conflicts, but concluded "By contrast, Mrs. Jackson clearly has no conflicts." Her lawyers go on to argue that she has another advantage. "She offers continuity of management since she is the only individual who has been directly and continuously involved with the decedent's business affairs throughout his career."

The next hearing in August may appoint a permanent administrator over the estate. However, Mrs. Jackson "is informed and believes that at least one other will, one that predates the 2002 Will, already has been lodged with the Court, and it remains quite possible that other documents will surface in the four weeks between now and the August 3, 2009 hearing." Sources tell CNBC that the earlier will has John Branca as an executor, just like the 2002 will.

Finally, Katherine Jackson, who personally did not appear in court, is asking that if both sides cannot agree on how to manage the estate by August 3, she would like the court to appoint an independent party "to protect the estate", adding, "At least one such organization already has expressed interest in providing assistance."