Lacoste Runs Full Page Ad With Roddick Loss

It has become a standard tradition. When a sponsored athlete wins a big tournament, the company runs a full page ad in a newspaper to congratulate them.

I wasn't shocked to see a collection of Roger Federer ads this morning after he beat Andy Roddick in an epic Wimbledon title match. But I was surprised to see this ad on the back page of the New York Times sports section.

Lacoste Ad with Andy Roddick
Source: New York Times
Lacoste Ad with Andy Roddick

Given the length of the match and the generic language of the ad, it makes you wonder if the match was over by the time Lacoste placed the ad with the Times.

Roddick undoubtedly gave great exposure to the "crocodile" brand, but his trainer Doug Spreen actually gave love to the other crocodile brand -- Crocs. Speen was in Roddick's box, next to his wife Brooklyn Decker, wearing a Crocs hat and a Crocs shirt that was featured many times on the NBC broadcast.

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